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Better Together Nation

Welcome to the Better Together Nation Community! My name is Kimberly Jarman, and I'm the founder of the Better Together Nation Team.  This page is here to help you get started right, whether you are here just for the discount, as a hobby coach, OR to really rock this business. We want to see you succeed, so no matter what brought you to us as a coach, go ahead and check out this page so you can learn how it all works!!!

I am so excited to go through this journey WITH you and watch you grow as a person, a leader and business owner! You might not think that's what you are, but I promise... people are watching you AND you have influence... which makes you a LEADER to someone!!

Ready to work on becoming BETTER TOGETHER? Let's do this!

PS. If you are a coach here for the discount only, just enjoying the products and the journey, please continue to read through this so that you know how to access everything, and then just bookmark this page for the future, when you are ready!! Don't let this information overwhelm you... just know that it's here when you need it!




There is no wrong path. That’s what’s so great about this can be whatever you want it to be. There is ZERO guilt and no shame. Period! This is your safe place to define winning for YOU!

We have people joining us all the time with different reasons. Maybe you joined JUST for the discount, and that is ok! Maybe you just really want to be able to help some family and friends get into shape and make this a hobby where you can pay for your product! Maybe it's more, and you are ready to do BIG things. 

We want to know where you are at so we can help you get there faster. We want to make sure that those who are ready to go deeper into coaching truly get the right resources and are surrounded by the right mastermind of coaches so they can feed off of each others energy and build vision. 

So Please, before you go any further, fill out this FORM and let us know where you stand. AND... the greatest thing about all of this, is you can choose one area now and totally change it if things change. You will always have access to this page, and you can come back and let us know if things change and you are ready to go deeper.

AFTER you fill this out, regardless of if you want to coach or not, please continue to read through this page. Even discount coaches need to know the following information!!

Path 1

Discount Coach

+ Uses & loves the products

+Wants to receive 25% off

+ Loves being a part of challenge groups

+ wants insider access to new releases and products

+ Not interested in leading their own accountabiity group.

Path 2

Hobby Coach

+ Uses & loves the products

+ Shares program, products, and results publicly

+ Interested in making a small commission by freinds and family referrals

+ would like to learn about the business but loves their full time work.

Path 3

Community Builder

+ Uses & loves the products openly

+ Loves the community and wants to help lead and build groups

+ Realizes the income potential that Beachbody has to offer.

+ Loves the idea of a side hustle that helps with health and fitness

Path 4

Legacy Builder

+ Uses & loves the products AND shares journey every day

+ Not only wants to lead challenge but also build a team and help them duplicate success

+ Wants to earn trips and go all in with coaching

+ Sees the potential to build residual income and financial freedom



I truly believe that any of you can coach and help others in their fitness journey. It's all about giving freely and encouraging others on their path. EVEN if you are here for just the discount, you are influencing those around you, so take this chance to help and encourage those watching... even if it's just your family!

BUT... those that do want to do something with this business, I have to share with you, that IF you want this to be something that works, that brings life... you will have to work for it. You will have to trust us and believe in yourself. It's 100% mindset, so truly, the journey starts there. You start by committing to Yourself, being product of the product, working on YOU first... and then asking others to join you.

Nothing is going to come without learning and taking time to figure all of this out. Think about ANY job you've ever had.. did you walk in knowing it all and rocking it? Nope.. you had to be trained, you needed guidance, you had to work yourself up the ladder... and that's what we will be doing here as well, except this time it's ALL on you! you are your own boss, your own CEO. I'm here to help, but in all reality, YOU have to decide if you want this or not.. and SHOW UP.. not for me, but for YOU!

So, before we get all crazy in here.. let's start with some of the basics and get you started!

Step 1.

Commit to showing up for yourself..

This is about becoming the best version of yourself, so it all starts with committing to YOU. Become product of the product by doing the workouts, working on your nutrition, using the products that Beachbody has given us, & committing to personal development every single day.

Believe in the process and commit to becoming BETTER. 

Choose a workout that you will commit to, join our challenge group (or create your own). Choose which nutrition program you will use. Make sure you have Shakeology, Energize, Hydrate, Recover and are using them. 

Find a book on personal development, that will help you with what you need right now. Mindset, leadership, commitment. AND JUST DO IT!

Anchor 1


If you enrolled as coach with an All Access Beachbody On Demand challenge pack, enrolled with a BOD membership or have an existing BOD membership from being a challenger, you have immediate access to the Beachbody On Demand.


1. Go to and select Sign In from your Smart TV, computer, tablet or phone. You can find all of the device list here and TV setup instructions here. These articles are part of our COACH FAQ database and your first introduction to independently having answers at your fingertips. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, search the FAQ database, explore related articles and finally, post in our coach Facebook groups if you've been unable to locate the answer.

2.  Sign in with the email address and password that you created at the time of your challenge pack purchase (whether you signed up as a customer or coach).​​

You'll have access to all of the different programs within Beachbody, so choose one that fits you and go for it. If you ever need help choosing a workout, let us know.





You will be billed for your Shakeology OR/AND performance line every month, until you put it on hold, change your ship date or cancel. You will receive a complimentary email reminder from Beachbody with plenty of time before your next ship date to allow you to make any necessary modifications or give you a heads up.


You can make any of the following changes online:

  • Switch to a new flavor

  • Alternate between 2 flavors form month to month

  • Update your shipping address

  • Delay a shipment up to 2 months


Here are the links you'll need:






Understand the BASICS

Step 2.

Even as a discount coach, it's great to know all of this information. You NEVER know when a friend or family member will want to join you in your workouts and we would rather YOU get the commission than us. So make sure you check out the following information and set up your website & EFT direct deposit, so that you don't have to scramble to do it later on! It won't take you too long to do!



Write down your username and password and keep it somewhere safe. You will use this username and password to sign into everything Beachbody Related.

Your Coach ID will also be VERY important and will be needed for everything you do as a coach. You can find this info in the welcome email Beachbody sent you, or log into the Coach Online Office.

My Coach ID:
My Username:
My Password: 

As tempting as it is to ask your coaches everything, Beachbody has an amazing resource team put together JUST for us coaches. Beachbody Corporate can and should handle the technical questions about orders, returns, rules, processes, etc.

Beachbody Coach Relations: 1-800-240-0913

Beachbody Customer Service: 1-800-470-7870

If Coach Relations or Customer Service cannot answer the question that you have, your next step is to talk to your sponsor coach and they'll be happy to help find that answer for you.​​

National Wake Up Call: These calls are super important and you should tune in each week. You will learn about the newest announcements plus get amazing trainings!! Tune in on Mondays 11am EST / 8am PST on Team Beachbody Coach 411 FB Page  or Team Beachbody Coach Podcast on iTunes 



Visit your Coach Online Office  > Click Monitor My Business > Click My EFT Management.

Enter your checking account info for wherever you want your pay to go each week .

You will see a deposit each Thursday that reflects your earnings for the week prior to the current week.


You get paid EVERY WEEK!!

If you don't set up your EFT in your Coach Online Office you will receive a paper check in the mail a few weeks later than when it is earned. There will also be charged $2-3 as a small printing fee. Set up your EFT, make sure all your hard earned money goes to directly to your bank account and eliminate the wait. It's as simple as that.

Watch this video to understand how to set this up. **ALL coaches, even discount should complete this step!**


You can access your coach websites by replacing "YOURSCREENNAME" in the links below with the screenname that you chose when you enrolled as a coach.



When someone makes a purchase from your Shakeology, Beachbody Coach or Ultimate Reset websites, you will make a 25% commission or higher.

For those who want to build a business, the goal is help 3-5 people a month with a challenge pack OR any products. You want to have access to these links and understand how they work, so that you can easily share and help people get set up with these products.

For those who are discount coaches, you still want to know how to use these links, so that you are ready in case someone would like to join you!!​​​​



The only fees that you will see each month (other than your products like Shakeology, the performance line, Beachbody on Demand, etc) will be your monthly coaching fee. EVERY COACH will pay a coaching fee of $15.95 a month + taxes. This fee gives you access to all of the trainings, websites, & most importantly 25% off of all products. 

This fee will continue to happen each month even if you cancel your shakeology or performance line autoship. The only way to stop seeing this fee is to cancel your coaching account which will in turn take away the 25% discount and any chance of earning commissions. If you have questions on this, please contact your coach BEFORE you cancel so that we can help you navigate everything. 

To cancel your coaching account you MUST CALL Beachbody Coach Relations at 1-800-240-0913​​



As much as I want to be able to help you with EVERYTHING, truly, success comes from jumping in and learning. From being a part of this company and DOING the work. The following are important ways you can jump in and RUN with this business. Remember, you are the CEO now.. you aren't an employee... so start thinking like a CEO. BUT... also know that anytime you feel Disconnected or lost, we are here to help, so plug back in!

The most successful coaches are the ones who learn, listen, and act, and are plugged in. 


How do I send my link to a customer?

There are a few different options you have in order to send links to customers.


When people purchase from you, they need a customized link so that YOU get credit for that sale. You will also want to see if they already have a coach or have a Beachbody account of any type. You can do this, by getting their email and going to the Share a Cart Website. Log in with your email and password, then create a new enrollment, and add their email address. If their name auto populates, they already have an account and you need to have them switch to you as their coach in order to get the sale, if it doesn't auto populate, then they do not have a coach and you are good to continue 


If they do have an account linked to their BB account, before you do anything you will want them to switch to you as their coach. (They might not even know they have a coach, but anyone with a BB account is automatically assigned a coach.)


There are TWO different ways to do this.

1) If you use the Share a Cart option below, let them know that BEFORE they check out, they need to make sure they mark YOU as their coach. There will be a section at the very end that asks them if they would like to change coaches. (Note: If they are already a coach, they can not switch coaches without cancelling their coaching account)

2) OR, you can send them a simple message like this:

Hi Melissa, 

You will need this info below to switch me to your coach!! 


Coach ID: (add your coach ID here)

Name: (add your name here)

Email: (add your email address here)


The first option is to use this website:


Or you can call this number,  1-800-470-7870 and tell them you'd like to switch coaches. Give them the information below, and once it's done message me and we will get you set up!

These three tools below are my favorite tools to use to send customers a link to order. My go to is the Share a Cart option, but the other two are great tools as well. They help you create a customized direct link.


These tools allow you to single out the product that your customer is interested in and ensure that your COACH ID is linked to their purchase. It eliminates the need for your customer to scroll through the entire product catalog and website to find what they are looking for.

The videos below will help you walk through the process and learn how to work these programs. If you don't want to dig into all of them, just look at Share a Cart. 

WHERE TO USE YOUR LINKS: Please don't post these links on social media. We don't want you to be spammy or to turn people away. This business is about relationships and trust, so take time to get to know people and IF/WHEN they are ready, you can send them personalized links to order.

If you do have a website or email newsletter, using these links is a great idea to help people order quickly. 

Coach Links

There are also websites that will help you do the same thing.


The two that I recommend are :


1) Coach Links 

2) TBB Coach Link Generator

Share a Cart

Share a cart is my favorite way to send links to customers. We can create a customized cart for them, and send them the link to order via email or a link. Watch this video to learn how to use Share a Cart. 

BB Links App

This is an app that you can download. Just add your coach ID and it will allow you to send direct links to people to purchase. You can also send links to video's and more through this app.

Step 3.

Watch this welcome video


What should I do next?

DISCOUNT COACHES:  Bookmark this page for the future. If you ever have anyone asking to join you or you decide that you are ready to coach, come back here and refresh yourself.... then take the NEXT STEP.


Now that you have gone through this website, you get to start on the next part of this journey!!! As we said before, you would never jump into a job and NOT train in order to be successful. That is the same with being a coach, if you want to do this for more than just the discount. 

So before we move forward I want to make sure you've done the following: 

  1. Make sure you read through and watched every section on this page.

  2. Download, print and complete your First 30 Quickstart Guide

  3. Let your coach know you're ready for the next step and ready to move your business forward!

  4. Set up a call with your coach to answer any additional questions you might have. 

  5. If you are ready to move forward with the NEXT TRAINING click here.


3 month access to all the workouts in our online fitness library, including VIP access to MM100 + all materials + access to the private facebook group, starts at only $110. 

Become a Success Starter

When you hit SC5 or more in your first 3 consecutive months as a coach, you earn a FREE ticket to SUMMIT, worth $300 AND you bypass the wait list!!


If you are unaware what Coach Summit is, it is our huge, yearly celebration! It is vital that you go to this event as it is the catalyst for EVERYTHING and a chance to really see and understand the heart of Beachbody.

Watch this video to learn how to become a success starter. 

Stay Active each month and you could win!!!

ALL coaches... if you are a discount coach OR a business builder, you now have the chance to win a prize EACH MONTH just by staying active!!!

To be active, you must order something worth 50 PV each month. If you have an autoship of the performance line or Shakeology, you will be set!! BUT, let's say you need to skip a month OR need to save a little, just make sure you order a minimum of 50 PV each month to stay active and you'll be entered to win a prize each month!

Below are some great ideas to combine and hit 50 PV each month. 

Energize is a MUST for our family. My hubby and I drink it every day, so I keep my husbands account active by ordering Energize & Hydrate every month. They are products we consume, so it's a WIN!

Combine any of the products below to hit 50 PV, or just set up an autoship of Energize & Hydrate each month so that you don't have to worry about it.

Stay Active each month and you could win!!!

ALL coaches... if you are a discount coach OR a business builder, you now have the chance to win a prize EACH MONTH just by staying active!!!

To be active, you must order something worth 50 PV each month. If you have an autoship of the performance line or Shakeology, you will be set!! BUT, let's say you need to skip a month OR need to save a little, just make sure you order a minimum of 50 PV each month to stay active and you'll be entered to win a prize each month!

Below are some great ideas to combine and hit 50 PV each month. 

Energize is a MUST for our family. My hubby and I drink it every day, so I keep my husbands account active by ordering Energize & Hydrate every month. They are products we consume, so it's a WIN!

Combine any of the products below to hit 50 PV, or just set up an autoship of Energize & Hydrate each month so that you don't have to worry about it.

Let's connect on Instagram

How to Join

How do I Join The Challenge?

Access to order the workouts, will start on July 1st for our VIP Discount coaches and normal coaches. VIP coaches will get early access to the workouts & the first 10 that sign up will also receive the 100 to Brave book for free, as a gift form me.

All others will a chance to order starting July 16th. In order to make sure that you have your materials in time, we will be sending out emails and links to order ON July 16th. 

Please fill out the form below and I will send you an email to get you started and create a perfect package specific to your needs. 

"We often cannot determine what happens to us, but we can always determine what happens within us."


- John Maxwell 


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