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“Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life.”  -Hal Elrod

Trust me.... I get it. I totally understand how hard it is to find the time to make YOU a priority.. to find the time to workout, eat healthy, especially with little's running around, consuming all of your time & energy.... and the time you do have, you just want to sit and watch a movie.... or better yet, Sleep?.

I have little’s too… and most of the time I’m up fighting bedtime, or in the middle of the night crawling into their bed with them because they can’t sleep… I PRAY for a full nights sleep and the thought of waking up early makes me want to cry… but…. I NEED my me time… I need to be healthy…. I NEED to be confident of who I am in my own skin… and I NEED to feel alive again.  So… since having kids is already exhausting, my thought is why not figure out how to be more productive with my day and get my health in check, so that I do have more energy.  

I think for most of us women, finding the TIME to make all this work is the hardest part. It’s not that we don’t want to be in shape, it’s not that we don’t want to look good, feel good, and have mental clarity. BUT… we have people to take care of and every time we “try” to wake up early or go to the gym, a child somehow manages to “wake up” early too… or get sick so we can’t make it to the gym. Am I right? Does this sound like you?



When I coach, I utilize State of The Art, proven, workouts that you can do from home! These aren't Richard Simmons types of workouts (although, I hear those got people moving:)). These are legit, hardcore workouts that are fun and doable by ANYONE. These are workouts that get results, and when you couple them with accountability and a community of people who are doing it with you... you WILL see change. Do you like to dance? What about heavy weights? Maybe MMA style workouts? Or Yoga and Pilates? We have them all... and the awesome thing... you get access to them all for an entire year! YES!!!! It's not just in and out for a month... it's a journey.. a year to mix it up and get this done!!



The key to working out at home is finding a workout program that you will LOVE to use, that will get you a killer workout, and will allow you to see results.

Coming from a “gym” world, it was important to me that I found workout programs that I really enjoyed using, gave me the same results as in a gym, and were challenging, but doable. That is why I LOVE , and I mean, LOVE, Beachbody.  The workout programs are totally legit, and there are so many to choose from. Some of my favorites are 21 Day Fix, PIYO, Core De Force, Country Heat, & Hammer and Chisel.  

Beachbody also now has something called BOD (Beachbody On Demand), which is like the netfilx of fitness. With BOD you have access to EVERY workout program from Beachbody, so you can pick and choose what you want to do, and after you complete a program, easily move to the next one. It’s amazingly simple… and they work.


I love doing these programs, and try to mix them up every couple of weeks. Here are my reviews of a few of my favorite workouts so far.

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The most important thing you can do is find accountability, especially when doing a home workout. The hardest thing is pressing play. After you press play, you will feel amazing. 

Each month I lead challenge groups that are geared toward helping people, just like you. People who want to see change, but want some help, need a community. They aren't scary, in fact they are welcoming and inviting. The people in these groups will cheer you on and become your biggest advocates. 

Don't underestimate the power of accountability and community. 

"Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life." - Hal Elrod

Before you go out and just buy a workout program, even a Beachbody one, make sure you connect with me, so I can help you choose a perfect one, as well as so you can jump into one of our accountability challenge groups!



If you like what you are reading, and you are ready for change, the first step is to jump into a challenge group. this is where you are going to see major change and accountability. 

Each month I lead new challenges and I would love for you to join me. You can read more about my latest challenges below. Just fill out the application to join and reserve your spot in our private facebook group. 


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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.


What if I told you that just by thinking about your day differently you can find more time? If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. Do you believe that? It’s hard right… when you are in such a deep hold and truly can’t see the “HOW”, it’s hard to figure it all out. 




Let’s be honest… is anyone really a morning person? Especially if you are a mom of small children.. do you want to wake up early? I would say for most of us, that is a no. But… when you look at your day, between dropping kids off to school, getting work done, picking them up, making dinner, bath time, hubby time, sleep time.. there really isn’t much other time in the day to fit things in. So… for me, if I wanted to get a workout in, without kids trouncing on me, and I wanted to start my day off right, I had to start looking at the mornings as my WORKOUT “ME” times. For someone who is NOT a morning person… this was a hard thing to swallow…. but I knew I had to try.


You see… I am actually not a workout from home type of girl…. I would much rather go to a gym, socialize with people, have a trainer kick my butt, and then move on. But… my life doesn’t allow that anymore…kids…work…schedules… life… all kinda make it hard to get to the gym and get everything done that I need to…… and honestly, as a personal goal, I wanted to see IF I could actually figure out a way to be disciplined enough to workout from home. I also wanted to workout with my husband, and the only way we could make this work is to do morning workouts… so we jumped in and did them… and WOW… can I say how amazing it feels to accomplish such a huge task so early in the day…without having to leave the comfort of my home?


Have you looked at your schedule yet?? Like really looked at it? Have you tried to figure out where you will get a workout in? Is getting to a gym actually super overwhelming to thing about? Don’t let it stress you out…. think outside the box and figure out how to use your time wisely. Think about this…. IF you were to get up an hour earlier than you do now and have a PLAN put in place of what you are going to accomplish (rather than just checking facebook or email), do you think that you could get a lot done? Let’s say you spend 10 minutes getting dressed, 10 minutes in some quiet time, 30 minutes working out, and 10 minutes stretching and having some “you” time… do you think that your day would feel more accomplished? By the time your kids wake up… you’d have accomplished quite a few feats!

Yes, this means, working out from home, but think about it…. you don’t have the commute, you don’t have to get into your car, go somehwere, do a workout, and then come back home… honestly, rolling out of bed and getting into the car is usually where most people fail first. IF you have a plan of action, roll out of bed ready to go, press play, and can do this all while your kiddo’s are sleeping… think of what that means?? So yes, you HAVE to find workouts from home that will be challenging and will work… but… that’s one of the things I do as a coach… is help you figure all of that part out. That is the easy part for me.. you have the harder part of MENTALLY getting ready for this adventure. READY?

I have the easy job… finding you the perfect workout. You have the harder job, committing and pressing play…. but I believe in you, and if you can mentally get there and do this… your life will change dramatically.



Don't think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change. I know it can seem scary, but really it's not. You just need to learn how to look at food differently, and you need a little guidance. 

Eating healthy …. a statement that scares some of us. We don’t want to give up our food, or you’ve tried to do this before and always fail. Yup… I get it. I love my cake and I usually will eat the entire thing if allowed. I’ve dieted and I’ve failed… many times. So, the key to nutrition is to look at it ALL differently and make a mindshift. The key is to eat CLEAN and to make it a lifestyle change. 


Eating "Clean" is probably a term you've herd of, but maybe you don't know how to do it or you aren't doing it right? The programs I use,  come with amazing meal plans that are packed with great knowledge, and joining our challenge groups allows you access to ask questions, get fun recipe ideas, and just gain knowledge of HOW to make it all work together. 

Also check out our blog and FACEBOOK PAGE, as we will continue to post yummy clean recipes that will help give you ideas and get on the right track. 


I love finding new recipes and love sharing them with people. So as I find new things, I will be adding them to the blog. These are a few of the latest ones!

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.




Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going." -Jim Ryun


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