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14 days of planks for us busy moms who want to still look amazing.


Hey all you hard working MOMS out there... It's almost summer, and it's time for shorts, tanks, and swimsuits. Are you ready? 


It's time for a FREE 14 day plank challenge!! 


I for sure have some work to do, so that's why I'm doing everything I can this month to tone up my tummy and arms. But, the reality of being a working mom is: 


1. Sometimes it's hard to find time to get that workout in.


2. Sometimes we just need a little extra added push to do something that will help you get back into shape.


3. Sometimes we need the support of someone to tell us what to do!


Summer is always a struggle in my world, and getting ready for it can be a little depressing... but it doesn't have to be! If you do a few small things each day, you'll be amazed at what will come out of it.


So, no more excuses.... I'm hosting a 14 day FREE plank challenge this month to get a jumpstart on the summer arms and abs. Will you join me?


💥It's totally free, and it's going to be a lot of fun. 


We will be doing several different plank variations, all designed to work those shoulders, arms, and ab muscles from all directions. We will start out will small holds and build each plank to one minute over the course of the 14 Days! Every 4th day you will get a rest day (even abs need rest!)


Sound like fun? Yeah!!! Let’s do this together - let’s get SUMMER READY!


***For non-coaches and those not currently working with a coach only please**

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