Juicing: To make it yourself or to Juice Bar it?

February 24, 2017


About 4 years ago I decided to jump on the juicing wagon... I was told it was good for you and healthy way to get your "greens". So, I went onto amazon, and bought a Breville Juicer that had great ratings. The day it came, I went out and bought TONS of veggies and fruits, and I started a juicing craze. I juiced everything! 


Within about 4 weeks, maybe closer to 3, I was over it. My juicer sat in my cupboard and collected dust. WHY?


1. It was a pain in the butt to clean the thing.

2. I didn't juice enough and my veggies went bad

3. I had to buy soooooo many veggies and fruit to get the tiniest juice

4. I got fruit flies like nothing else. (Yes, I'm sure that was my fault, but still.. yuck)


So I gave up. I went back to my smoothies and my old ways. (this was actually before I joined the "real" healthy train)


Then, about 2 years ago I was introduced to Nekter. Yup... the juice bar. Someone else to juice it for me??? All the benefits of juicing without the clean up!! Thank you!!!!!! But.... yes, there is always a but.... the PRICE!!! $8 for a glorious bit of healthy goodness? Why does being healthy have to be so expensive (wah wah wah)!!!


I get it though. Juicing is expensive. Being healthy can be expensive, but man it's worth it. Honestly, I'd rather go get my Greenie  at Nekter than get a Starbucks nowadays, because Nekter is going to get me the nutrition that I need, whereas Starbucks is going to pump me with empty calories and sugar. 


So why do I bring this up today? Well... this morning I got a text from my mom. She was asking if I had a juicer. She said she went to Nekter the other day and got a "greenie". She said she loved it, but man is was expensive. So I explained to her, that it was, but by the time you buy the veggies yourself, pull out the machine, make it, and then do the clean up, $8 didn't seem so bad. 


It got me thinking though... have I ever really tested the "cost" of my greenie juice, if I do make it myself? No, I hadn't. So, I figured today, I would test it out, and this is what I found.




When I got to Nekter and order a juice, I get a 24 ounce Greenie with ginger and beets added. The Greenie normally includes parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, and apple. The cost is 7.95 (plus tax) for a 24 ounce juice.


Today at sprouts I bought:


Ginger root: .96

Organic Beets: .88

Organic Cilantro: .99

2 Organic Cucumbers: 1.98

2 Organic apples: .84


I already had a spinach/kale mix at home which normally costs about $5 for the whole thing. I used 4 big handfuls, so let's say it cost about $1.50


I also already had a lemon, but that would normally cost let's say .75.


All together, my total comes up to $7.90.


Hmmmm... I saved .05 AND had to do all the work myself. Ok... so let's be totally real.. I did get more than 24 ounces, probably almost double... so, in reality it did save me money... kinda like a buy 1 get 1 free. But it took a lot more time and I had to clean it all up. So really it just depends on what is important to you! 


I like my juicer and having the option to juice if I want, but Oh, I'm so grateful for Nekter and that I can meet friends there instead of at Starbucks, if I want to get a healthy drink. And, I don't cringe anymore at the $8 I'm spending. I don't spend it often, it's my "splurge", but when I do, it makes me happy!! So for me, I'll probably put my juicer (once it's cleaned) back on the shelf and keep on joining in on the Nekter revolution!!


Even my mom is hooked. She texted me again this morning and said, "You'd be really proud of me. I wanted to go to McDonald's and get a non fat sugar free latte to sip wile I did my bible study. Instead, I came over to the aquarium place and got a nekter juice and and ordered burnt veggies and butternut soup from modern grove. I have now spent a fortune on my bible study "munchies", but they are healthy".  Yes mom, I'm so uber proud of you!! It's those choices in your health that make a difference. THIS IS MY HEART... to see texts like this from people I love. 






One more thing... while I'm on the subject of juicing. I have found an amazing juice at Costco, called Suja it's 64 ounces, full of yummy green goodness (pretty much like my greenie here), and I can get it on sale for about $8. So it's a great deal and it's wonderfully healthy for you if you are going to do the juicing route.


OK, one last thing... while juicing is great for you, it's ideal to stick with juices that have more veggies and not as much fruit. You don't want all the sugar from the added fruit. So when I do go to a juice bar, I get all veggies and add an apple, that way, it's super nutritious and just has a hint of sweetness. 

Have you ever juiced before? If so, what are your thoughts on juicing and cost of doing it your own vs. juice bars? Also, what are your favorite juice bars?














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