April 24, 2017




Moms….we understand the word NO SLEEP, probably more than any human on earth...why? Because of the countless nights when our little ones wake up at 1:00am because their throat hurts, they can’t sleep, they are having night terrors, or they think there is a boogeyman in their room. Usually we are the ones who get up, get them something to help calm them down, cuddle, explain that they need to go to bed, and PRAY that they do go to bed. 


How are we able to balance life in a world where sleep isn't sometimes a reality, at least consistent sleep?? 


I’m a fan of learning how to be an early riser, as in I'm up by 4:30/5:00 on most mornings so that I can get my workout in, and personal development. Is every morning perfect...heck no...but it's still my goal to try to make it happen. 


You see I've found that many mornings, I've trained my brain that 4:30/5:00 is normal…but I had to train it…it for sure didn’t come natural. So now, even if the kids are up a couple times in the night, I'm still able to wake up on time to get my me time in. 


Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but the days it does and I get my morning routine done, I have more energy and am ready for the day. It's crazy the Cycle that occurs. 


I'm going to try to inspire you to start waking up a little earlier each week. Set your alarm 30 minutes early, with a set goal of how your going to spend those 30 minutes. Not sleeping in, not checking email, set it with intentions of bettering yourself and finding some more balance. 


Here are 5 tips to make it a little easier to wake up in the mornings:


1) Go to bed a little earlier. I know that nights seems to be our only time to VEG, but it’s usually not productive vegging.. so get a little vegging in, and then hit the sack. You’ll be thankful for your morning routines, once they start.


2) Start off with 30 minutes earlier than you get up. Set the alarm and don’t press snooze. As you continue to do 30 minutes earlier, and have a plan for the morning of what you are going to get done, it will start feeling normal, and you can keep adding a little more time.


3) Put your alarm clock on the others side of the room. If you have to get out of bed to turn your alarm off, it will get your blood flowing and body moving. It will be easier to stay out of bed if you aren’t pushing snooze.


4) Have a PLAN for the morning. What are you going to do with those extra 30 minutes? Read a book, have some quiet time, journal, do a workout? Those are some great things that will benefit you in the long run. They will help you to have more energy, clarity, and mindfulness. You’ll feel so productive that each day you’ll want to continue doing it.


5) Go to bed thinking about your morning and what you are going to do. Get excited for it and tell yourself, before you go to bed, that you will NOT press snooze. By preparing yourself at night, for the next morning, you are telling your mental self that you ARE ready for this.


You might be tired, but try it. Start creating a habit because it's worth it. 


Right now, as I’m writing this,  it's 1:55 am. Kaiden woke up at 1:00 am and I finally got him to bed at 1:30. My brain is up and active and I figured I write a little post, because my alarm is set to 5:00 and I'm committing to still get up and get some me time in. I want tomorrow to be a good day and I know that's the key. No Facebook, no work, personal development, some yoga, and time to better me. 


So tell me, what is your morning routine? Are you a morning person or is it hard to wake up? Do you think these tips will help you to start having a more productive morning?

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My heart is for moms, who are trying to figure out this whole balance
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