May 19, 2017


I was doing a live video the other day, on Facebook, with my husband, and we were talking about why we workout together every morning. He is my new workout partner and I love it. We were sharing how for years we did our own workout thing. He would run, and I would wish that I could get a workout in, but I could never find the time to do it... while he was gone running, I was at home with the kids, wanting to go to the gym. I became angry, jealous, and envious that he would get to workout "every day"... and I couldn't. I always felt like my desires were last and not important, and I couldn't figure out HOW to find the time to make it happen. 


After our "live" chat on Facebook yesterday, I kept thinking about the conversation we had, and it made me start really thinking  about why I couldn't figure out how to find the time to get a workout in. Yes... I was a mom, a business owner, and my life was super busy.... but in all reality I should have been able to figure it out. I grew up an athlete and I love to workout, but I struggled finding time to make it to the gym and I could never motivate myself to come up with a plan that I would stick with. I wanted to blame my husband, but truly, it was me what was to blame. I didn't see it then, but I do see it now. It's hard to see those things when you are in the moment. 

I think so many times we look at our circumstances and feel overwhelmed, and we just can't figure out how to make things work... so instead of really fighting for it, we talk ourselves out of it and quit. That's what I did. I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, so I gave up.



The horrible thing, is that when I gave up, I gave up on ME. I gave up on taking time to make me better... my simple not working out and finding time for me that way, turned into giving up on me in other ways... I could never make time for personal development, for reading, anything.... I dove into work, being a mom, taking care of a house, a husband, a family... and I gave up on ME.  And in doing that I LOST ME.

Looking back I WISH that I would have had someone to pull me out of the funk, to give me hope, to give me a way to have accountability and find time. My husband tried, but when it came from him it made me feel worse and I felt angry that he could find the time and I couldn't. I needed someone to lay out a plan and help me stick with it.... someone that wasn't family... a coach.

I remember one time buying T25 from someone on a facebook group. I had heard of the programs and wanted to try it, so I bought it determined I would make it work. Within 2 days I had quit. The copy I had didn't have a workout calendar, a plan, nothing.. it was just the DVD's and I was soooo lost. I had no idea how to utilize the workouts and I gave up. What I didn't realize then, which makes me so sad, is that Beachbody creates the workouts to be done WITH people. They assign coaches to help you figure out a program, and how to finish it. I didn't know or realize that something like that even existed... that someone who would help me get through the program. I didn't know there was a calendar that came with the workouts, that there was a shake that would help me with my sugar cravings and food issues.... I had NO idea. 

You see, what I was missing, was belief that I was worth it, and someone to help guide me. I also REALLY NEEDED a plan... a workout calendar and someone to tell me what to do!




I don't know if you've ever experienced this and felt the same way, hopelessness,... A desire to change, but not sure how to make it happen? Do you feel lost, want to workout, but have no clue where to start, and afraid that when you do start you are just going to quit? You AREN'T alone.


I think one of the reasons that I finally became a coach, once I found the Beachbody system, is because I had craved for something like this for so long, and didn't know it existed. I had wanted accountability, a group of people to work with to become better, a plan, a program, help with food... a REAL community of people. I grew up playing sports and loved having someone tell me what to do, cheer me on, and become better.  I Craved and needed that... and once I found it, I realized that I wanted to help others find it to.  For me, this is a perfect fit to my life. I enjoy helping people, I enjoy business, I enjoy talking to people, and I enjoy community.



I think the excuse that "I just don't have enough time to make it to the gym" is actually a valid one. For moms especially, it's a lot of work going to the gym with kids, putting them in the horrible day care... and for moms who work, every single second of time we get is precious "work" time... so when I dropped the kids off at daycare, I needed to work HARD those 5 hours that I had. Going to the gym always ended up being a 2 hour process, getting ready, driving, working out, showering, driving home.  I didn't have 2 hours out of my day to make it to the gym, be a good mom, get work done on time, and feel accomplished. While, I probably could have figured out how to make it work.... I truly struggled with HOW I was going to get a workout in.

That's why I LOVE what is now available to us all. There are NO MORE EXCUSES. You see, the Beachbody workouts are really really good. Legit workouts that show results. The hardest thing that you have to do, which for me was 100% mental and still is, is that you have to find your self motivation to push play each day. It is a choice... but it's one that can be done from your own home. You can roll out of bed, put those shoes on, press play, workout for 30 minutes, and be done..... NO MORE EXCUSES... because even if your kids wake up.. they will have things at home that they can do, and you can train them to realize that it's mommy time. 

When I first started doing the workouts, we would buy the DVD's which was great to have, but I always heard of other people doing programs that I wanted to do.. and the amount of money I kept spending on the "newest" workout was daunting... I kept telling my husband how nice it would be to be able to access all of the programs online, like Netflix, so that I could try one and see if I liked it. The amazing thing is that Beachbody heard me... they read my mind and created Beachbody On Demand. 




BEACHBODY ON DEMAND is a game changer. If you have 4 minutes, watch the above video, because it will show you how amazing the system is. Over 500 workouts that you can choose from, meal plans, workout calendars, a cooking show, Modifiers for the harder programs.. you name it, it's here..... and for those who want more... you have access to a coach!! ME!!! I would LOVE to help guide you to figure this out, show you that it's possible, help you with food, workout schedules, support. 


I DO NOT have an excuse anymore to not workout... and neither do you!! It's time to FIND YOURSELF AGAIN. It's time to really figure out WHAT is holding you back from doing this? 


My husband and I want to workout together, but we have kids and can't do a workout together at a gym...we can't leave our kids at home...we can't wake our kids up at 4:30 to go with us....which is why I am so thankful for our Beachbody workouts.


We have a team and support group surrounding us of people who motivate us to workout each day, and it's truly inspiring watching people take control of their health. ⠀

If your interested in the programs we do let's chat. It's amazing. 12 month access to over 500 workouts (and more being added each day), for only 99.00 for the year. That's it!!!! ⠀

For me, it's a no Brianer, worth my health and my marriage. ⠀


If you are ready to jump in and get On Demand, and aren't already working with a Beachbody coach, just click below. You'll just have to choose if you'd like to get the yearly subscription, which is only $99, or if you'd like to upgrade to the "package deal", challenge pack, which is a crazy good deal. With the challenge pack, you get the portion control containers + Shaekology at a majorly discounted rate, and this is only available when you first purchase On Demand!! Currently, the Challenge pack is only $160, so only $61 more to get so many added things!! And remember, you get access to On Demand for an entire year!!!!


If you have any questions just contact me. or you can find me on Facebook,

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